If you completed answering the six questions I asked in my last blog post, you already have a jump on the second half of 2021. You already have jumped into action and have momentum flowing.

What’s next?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into your plan.

#1        You know your primary goal for the end of 2021. Do you know the why behind that goal? What will it mean when you achieve that goal? How will your life be different? How will you feel? How will others around you feel? Create that December 31, 2021 vision for yourself.

#2        Let’s breakdown your activities into the following 5 categories. For each category, name the most important action you can take to answer these questions.  

  • Products and Services – How can you improve what you offer to your clients/customers to make sure you are giving them exactly what they need and desire?
  • Operations – How can you optimize your human and technical resources as well as your systems and processes to improve the manner in which you perform your work?
  • Marketing – What marketing practices need the focus of your attention to bring new business to you? (If you are unsure, give this post a review)
  • Finances – What can be improved about your money management in your business?
  • Personal management – How can you ensure you are consistently productive in and motivated for your business?

#3        For each of these activities you’ve identified, put the specific required action steps in writing and enter them in your calendar/to do list. As one of my favorite books is titled: Write it Down, Make it Happen.

Nice work. In just one to two pages, you have your 2nd Half of 2021 Success Plan.🎉📈🥳🏆

If you found any part of this process a struggle, set up a complimentary 45 minute brainstorming session with me here and let’s get that plan complete and working for you!

Here’s to you and making 2021 your best year ever –