Success means different things to different people. Some might put a monetary value on success. Others a lifestyle change. For me, it was having a beautiful location from which to work. One that inspires both my clients and me. I’m here, loving it and my business pays for it. (That’s my office and one of my planning retreat spaces in the photo.)

What does success look like for you? Once you have that picture in your mind, how do you go about obtaining it?

I’ve got some success tips/habits to share with you.

#1 – Identify Blindspots

Here’s a wonderful quote from Robert Bruce Shaw, author of “Leadership Blindspots”, to put this into perspective:

“A blindspot is an unrecognized weakness or threat that has the potential to undermine a leader’s success. Good leaders become GREAT by skillfully managing their own vulnerabilities.”

Have you consciously sought out your business blindspots before?

I ask this question because, in order to step into your FULL power as a leader, it’s important to figure out key elements in your workflow:

  • Are you focusing on the right clients/customers?
  • Is your messaging and branding clear?
  • Do you have effective up-to-date systems?
  • Are you missing vital information to make strategic decisions?
  • Is there a loophole in communication that keeps running your ship into the rocks?

It really helps to create a TRUSTED model for identifying your business’s blindspots, understanding why they persist, and building actionable steps to IMPROVE your process. Which brings us to…

How do we identify our blindspots?

I recommend trying these 3 STRATEGIC approaches to flush out and tackle those blindspots that are impeding your SUCCESS!

  • Surround yourself with HONEST people. Yes-men won’t tell you the hard truth. Consider an accountability mentor to highlight areas of improvement!
  • Encourage DIVERSE thinking. I also encourage you to seek out contrarian points of view to identify opportunities for innovation.
  • Create a robust and repeatable system for FEEDBACK. Remember…Trust over toxicity. Create a system for people around you to offer constructive feedback on a regular basis.

Addressing your vulnerabilities brings you one step closer to becoming a great business owner!

And once we begin to probe deeper beyond what is within our immediate observation, we heighten our self-mastery, identify NEW strengths and opportunities, and yes INFLUENCE and lead more effectively.

#2- Personal Growth

Identifying and tackling our business blindspots is one-half of the equation. The other?

Personal Growth!

As business owners, we are on a journey of constant learning, self-betterment, and up-skilling ourselves. Personal growth is a powerful agent of change in our lives. It changes the way we perceive ourselves. The way we interact with the world. Even the way we envision the future!

It sharpens so many areas of SUCCESS!

How are you focusing on your personal growth? Here’s a helpful list to get started with:

  • Create processes and checklists for everything repeatable in your life and business; from mundane tasks like grocery shopping to business tasks like monthly conferences.
  • READ, read, read! We all need nourishment and inspiration to sharpen our creativity and critical thinking.Set monthly reading goals and, hey, maybe even start a mini-book club with a business buddy.
  • Find NEW sources of knowledge. Business training, workshops, podcasts, networking on LinkedIn – seek out new sources to really excel in your field!
  • Follow the Pareto Principle! 80% of outcomes come from 20% of inputs. Figure out what those input activities that lead to positive results are and focus your time, energy, and money here.
  • Track your PROGRESS. Keep a diary to reflect on your goals, decisions, and conversations. This is a wonderful way to GROW your self-awareness.
  • Seek out a TRUSTED business coach to help you access the support, structure, and accountability to FOCUS on the activities that will grow your business!
#3 – Think About Setting Smart & Specific Goals!

I encourage you to refocus what success means to you through an achievable, actionable, and measurable lens.

One of my habits is to set clear, measurable goals, and build patterns of consistency around those goals. Think about goals that are specific…

  • Grow your network – Attend 2 networking events each week. Set up a minimum of 3 one-to-one meetings from that event.”
  • Develop relationships with new potential clients online – Invite 5 new people to your Facebook Group program who’ve interacted with your posts this month. Reach out to 10 new people in a mutual connection’s LinkedIn network who work in the same industry.”Invite 5 new people to your Facebook Group program who’ve interacted with your posts this month.”

Plug into the ‘WHY’ of these goals to get excited about these daily activities!

In the above, your ‘Why’ is building a big and thriving network of like-minded professionals who are PASSIONATE about what you do and motivate you to be better every day!

Remember, good leaders are visionaries. And visionaries think ‘Big Picture’.

On that note, I’d love to hand it over to you! Do you have any Habits For Success that have transformed your life? Sound off in the comments!