I’ve been saying this phrase a lot lately.

In early June, I was in a great rhythm of my business, having implemented a new coaching model early in the year that focuses on business planning retreats and business growth group programs. Jim and I were excited about having a summer to explore and enjoy all of the activities and natural beauty the Western NY area has to offer.

Then a big life event happened. A good one for sure, but also one that blew certain plans for work and the summer out of the water. Jim got a new job starting immediately and we’re off to Albany, NY, about 4 hours east of our current Buffalo home. #GoGreatDanes!

That means: finding a new place to live in Albany, organizing/purging/making pretty our Buffalo home to sell, packing up and moving, plus all of the other relocation tasks that go with an out-of-area move.

We’ve done it before. Multiple times. Each time, we’ve enjoyed the new adventure and experience of a brand new place about which we regularly say “who would have thought?” But the transition period is tough. Particularly being away from each other.

I know we’re not alone.

As a small business owner, navigating transition (and peak) seasons can be both exciting and overwhelming. It may be a time when your business experiences a surge in activity and demands, requiring you to juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities. Alternatively, it may be a busy season in your personal life that pulls you away from work hours, like ours. In order to maintain sanity and maximize productivity, it’s crucial to seek support that helps alleviate at least some of the burden. 

Let’s explore both personal and business support options that can make a significant difference during these busy times–allowing you to continue producing your best work without burning out.

Efficient Solutions to Free Up Your Time and Energize Your Personal Life

Finding ways to save time and simplify your personal life becomes essential when you are swamped. Consider utilizing various services that can take care of everyday tasks, allowing you to focus on your business. Here are a few examples:

  1. Groceries delivered: Save valuable time by having your groceries delivered to your doorstep. Shop online at your convenience and get your necessities with little effort. (and actually save money by not impulse buying)
  2. Nursery plant services: If you have a garden or want to spruce up your outdoor space for the summer, hiring a nursery plant service can help you select and install beautiful plants without the hassle. Imagine the day-brightener you’ll enjoy for the season.
  3. House cleaner: This is an oldie but a goodie! A clean and organized home can contribute to a more relaxed and focused mindset. Hiring a house cleaner can help you maintain a tidy living space without sacrificing your valuable time.
  4. Speaking of a tidy home, how about a Home Organizer? I regularly bring in my favorite organizer, Amy Pieroni, of Decide2Organize to keep my home and office space under control.
  5. Laundry service: Delegate the never-ending task of laundry to a professional service. I utilized this service to catch me up on a huge laundry backlog and what a relief it was not to see those piles any more! 
  6. Dog walkers: If you have pets, engaging the services of a dog walker can ensure that your furry friends receive the exercise and attention they need, even during your busiest days. 

Streamlining Your Business Operations for Optimal Performance

In addition to personal support, seeking assistance with your business operations is equally important. Here are some key options to consider:

  1. Virtual Assistant (VA): A VA can handle various administrative tasks, such as email management, scheduling, data entry, and customer support. They can free up your time, allowing you to focus on higher-value activities.
  2. Online Business Manager (OBM): An OBM is responsible for overseeing and managing your business operations. They can streamline processes, delegate tasks, and ensure the smooth running of your business during peak seasons.
  3. Apps and Tools: Leverage the power of technology by using productivity apps and tools. Project management software, communication platforms, and automation tools can help streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.

By delegating tasks and seeking professional support, you can optimize your personal and business productivity during peak seasons. Remember, it’s not about doing everything yourself but rather focusing on the activities that truly require your expertise and attention.

As you gear up for your next busy season, remember to prioritize self-care and seek the support you need to excel both personally and professionally. As a Business Strategist and Coach, I help overwhelmed and scattered small business owners reclaim their confidence through streamlining and focusing on what matters most. Contact me today to set up a complimentary discovery session and we can explore your roadmap to sanity! 

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