Favorite Focus Tool: 

My (30 minute) hourglass! Whether you use a timer, a time tracking app, or something less techy like this hourglass, the point is to focus on one task or project for a set period of time without distraction. Turn off electronic notifications, put phone on airplane mode, close the office door, and focus on just ONE thing. It continues to amaze me how much I can accomplish in a day with just 3-4 turns of this tool. 

Favorite (non-electronic) Thoughts and Idea Capture Tool: 
After experimenting for years with electronic and paper tools, my go to over the last few years has been my Plum Paper journals. I personally design a new journal every month. Each one is filled with monthly/weekly/daily plans, inspirations, ideas, and meeting notes. I create an index for each book so I can easily go back to find important information. Here are my 2020 journals – 

Favorite Networking Group:
BNI Professionals of Buffalo, a chapter of Business Networking International. Nothing impacted the huge growth in my business this year like the BNI community in Buffalo. 

Favorite Small Business Support Group: 
I most certainly am biased as a co-founder but it’s pretty awesome regardless – G.R.O.W. Buffalo Business of course! Not just for Buffalo businesses either – This group provides education, resources, community, and networking for any small business owner or professional. 

Favorite Habit:
This daily morning routine starts every single day on a high note: Meditation (see below) and Journaling (see above), Stretching using my Echelon app, Coffee with Jim

Favorite Professional/Personal Development Book:
The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks. This is a quick and powerful read sharing how to go beyond your internal limits, release fears and learn a new set of skills and habits to become the best you can be. 

Favorite Business Podcast:
Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod – Always inspiring and filled with new ways of looking at best business (and life) practices. 

Favorite Meditation App and Guided Meditation: 

Insight Timer app. The free option is more robust than any other apps I’ve explored. I use it for my daily morning meditation, when I have trouble sleeping, or if something in particular needs addressing. There is a topic offered for anything!  

The guided meditation I find myself going to most often is 10 Minutes of Mindfulness by Tom Evans. Wonderful way to start the day focused and on the right track. 

Favorite Physical Activity:
I am at my most creative, inspired and feeling positive when hiking. Thanks to Outdoor Chronicles and its hiking challenges throughout the year, I’ve been able to explore so many gorgeous WNY locations – some I’ve previously explored and many new ones. Join me for the current Winter Hiking Challenge

Favorite Quote:
“As You Plan, Move Your Feet”.

This is my own take on an old African proverb – “When you pray, move your feet”. The point remains the same. While there is significant value to praying and planning, adding action is where the magic happens!