When it comes to owning a business, things are always changing. Sometimes, markets take a completely different turn than anticipated. Other times you may find yourself feeling overrun, burnt out, or stagnant. Whatever the situation, business owners will have to be adaptable and consider taking a proper reset period multiple times through the lifecycle of their business.

For me, my most recent reset was a bit forced. I was getting knee surgery and I knew that my business life would look a bit different as I healed. Though a reset might sound scary, I’ve found that when life forces you to slow down, sometimes it’s even more important than you realize. Below are my tips for experiencing a successful business reset that will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges that come with your business:

Communication is Important

During any business reset or a period of time where things might look a bit different, it’s critical that communication is crystal clear with your customers or clients. Try using multiple touchpoints to remind them that their experience may look different for a while. You may have to extend regular timelines or stop taking on new clients during this period. Taking time to write out an email to your subscriber list, post on your social media accounts, and even edit your website are all ways to save you from stress during a reset. And while you might worry about how the reaction might be to these changes, in my own experience I’ve found my clients to be understanding and willing to wait to begin our work together.

Thinking is Working

Business owners are notorious for feeling like they have to be doing things at all times, but some of the best outcomes of a reset are strategic. In order to create new services or pursue new ways of operating, you have to give your mind time to wander. During a reset, if you’re not taking ample time to sit with your thoughts, find inspiration, and jot down a list of ideas you’d like to pursue, you may not get as much out of the reset as possible.

Understand Reset Goals

Before taking a step back from your business, try and take time to understand why you’re taking that step back. It could be personal; maybe you’re unhappy or not feeling as passionate about your business as you once did. Or, perhaps, business has been stagnant and you’re not sure where to go from here. Outline the goals of your reset and give yourself a rough idea of what you’re trying to accomplish during this time.

Business Resets Offer Direction and Clarity

Finally, if you’re moving in a direction that you don’t find beneficial for your personal life or for your business, it might be time for a reset. Instead of thinking of a business reset as a business pause, think of it as a strategic investment. You could save yourself time, money, and emotional well-being by being bold enough to take a step back when a step back is needed.

For help managing your business reset, or to turn your business from scattered to streamlined, let’s get on a call and see how we can work together!