Streamlined Strategy Session

Ready To Be a BUSINESS OWNER and NOT Owned By Your Business?

This 90 minute, one-to-one strategic consultation is designed to complete a high-level assessment of your business, identify critical gaps, and provide you with your top priorities for growing your business, with specific action steps identified for immediate implementation over the upcoming three month period.

This is for you if – you are a solo business owner or sales professional and you are:

Scattered, with all kinds of brilliant business development ideas in your head, and looking for clarity on top priorities

Feeling overwhelmed in all of the responsibilities of your business

Wanting to increase your revenue and current marketing methods just aren’t working

Needing focused time to work ON your business, rather than always “in” it, putting out fires

Time to Streamline!


During our 90-minute strategy session together, I will walk you through my Scattered to Streamlined process to assess and help improve your:

  • Services and/or Products
  • Operations
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finances
  • Personal Management

The Results!

You will walk away with: a simple yet powerful strategic plan for growing your business, including the top action steps to take over the upcoming three months! A recording and transcript of our video call together also will be provided.

You’ll also come away breathing a huge sigh of relief as together we’ve taken you from Scattered to Streamlined. Won’t that feel great?

Step 1

Book Your Streamlined Strategy Session!

Step 2

Upon booking your Zoom call, you will be directed to a comprehensive questionnaire to complete. Your responses will help me prepare for the call as they will provide valuable information about you, the current state of your business and your dreams for the future.

Step 3

Hop on the call with me and let’s get you Streamlined! You will leave the call with your Streamlined Strategy Plan in hand, knowing exactly what areas are most important to focus on and what specific action steps to take.



Together we will go through my Scattered to Streamlined process, creating your immediately actionable plan along the way.

Investment: $499 for 1 Session

Investment: $1600 for 4 quarterly sessions