Strategy VIP Day

Surpass Your Goals Quickly and Skillfully

Tap into the full potential of your productivity, break free from chaos and limitations, and achieve your financial goals at an astonishing pace. Experience the power of personalized coaching with Scattered to Streamlined. My one-to-one services have a proven track record of empowering small business owners to achieve operational efficiency and profitability, paving the way for their lasting success.

Streamlined strategy vip day

Picture a transformative day dedicated entirely to you and your business, where you can collaborate, brainstorm, and create your actionable roadmap for success!


Are overwhelmed because you are involved in every aspect of your business

Have a myriad of ideas but struggle to prioritize them or know where to begin

Are constantly caught up in the day-to-day activities of your work with little time to focus on the “big picture”

Lack the support and accountability you need to be productive

Are exhausted from your business constantly draining your personal time and energy

Need help balancing the desire to serve others with running a profitable business


Work one-to-one with me during your Streamlined Strategy VIP Day, and together we will:

Gain clarity and focus on your business goals with my profit-focused vision design system

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of every aspect of your business to make informed decisions for the future

Develop a detailed and timeline-driven action plan that propels you and your business forward with unwavering confidence

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Are you ready to streamline your business for exceptional results?

VIP Day Results You Can Expect Include:

Improved profitability and business growth

Increased clarity and focus on your business goals and priorities

Streamlined operations and improved efficiency

Enhanced productivity and time management skills

Greater confidence and motivation to take action

Long-lasting skills and strategies for continued success

2+ months of support and accountability to help you stay on track after you finish

VIP day location on lake Erie

Are you ready to create a powerful roadmap to success?


"Thank you so much for the amazing coaching service you have provided. The improvements in my business are beyond what I expected and I am so much more comfortable expanding and taking the needed steps to grow my business."

Renee Sobol
Virtual Assistant

"One of the highlights was the breakdown of our goals visually on paper. It helps you really see the goals and timeline. By instilling the habit of periodically revisiting our goals and our progress, we are able to stay on track of current and future goals. It provided an environment to set meaningful goals and establish a clear roadmap. We highly recommend this retreat day."

Heather Murphy
Owner, The Herd Creations

Your Streamlined Strategy VIP Day Details:

Your five hour VIP session is tailored to your needs! We’ll either meet immersed in a serene and inspiring setting with breathtaking views of Lake Ontario in Western New York or virtually on Zoom where you’ll experience the same level of personalized attention and transformative guidance.

I am committed to your long-term growth and will be there every step of the way from key preparation activities before we even begin the Streamlined Strategy VIP Day through 60 days after we meet. Throughout this time you will receive the guidance and accountability you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

Here’s what to expect:


• Complete a pre-session questionnaire to help you focus on your top priorities


• Analysis of all aspects of your business; the vision for your work + the 5 pillars of a successful business
(Services & Products, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Finances, and Personal Management)

• Determine key metrics in your business and discuss how to monitor your progress

• Create a one-year strategic plan along with a timeline and detailed action steps for the upcoming quarter


• Walk away knowing exactly what to focus on quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, week-by-week, and (YES!) even day-by-day

• Receive invaluable tools and techniques that will keep you motivated, productive, and accountable long after our time together.


• Support for an additional 60 days

• Two personalized coaching sessions

• Unlimited email support

• Plus, review of relevant materials to ensure you have all the resources you need to continue your journey towards success