Streamlined Revenue Accelerator

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Although you’re working like crazy, you’re not seeing the financial results you desire but you WANT THIS TO BE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER!

You have experienced success to a degree, but business growth has slowed or plateaued and you’re looking for EXPONENTIAL GROWTH AGAIN

You feel overwhelmed and scattered and know you need help sticking to your business/strategic/action plan (or creating one!)

You are unsure about what to focus on next to BRING IN NEW BUSINESS or reignite past interest and you’re thinking maybe sales just isn’t your thing

If that’s you, then it’s time to consider joining our next Streamlined Revenue Accelerator cohort.


Gain crystal-clear clarity for your future business endeavors through my profit-focused vision design system

Generate new revenue with my results-oriented business development system, fueled by accountability every step of the way

Streamline your operations and double your efficiency with methods tailored specifically to you

Elevate your personal management with customized peak performance habits

Three participants in the Q1 program shattered all expectations by surpassing their entire 2022 revenue within the First Quarter of 2023!

One participant soared beyond expectations by achieving a remarkable 207% of her Q1 SRA revenue goal by the end of the program!

Two participants hit over 73% of their SRA revenue goal within a mere five weeks of the program!

All SRA program participants have developed and implemented actionable marketing plans specifically tailored to their work that will sustain business growth and ensure long-term success!

A participant in three SRA cohorts consistently exceeded her financial goals, achieving 100%, 120%, and 207% of her targets.

One SRA participant reached 80% of her stated financial goal within 4 weeks of joining the program.


Pre-Program Bonuses

• 1:1 90-MINUTE STREAMLINED STRATEGY CALL to assess your business and determine top priorities for next quarter’s focus Attendance at my half-day

• Weekly MARKETING ACTION CALLS (MACs) where we spend focused time implementing critical marketing activities (available upon sign-up)

• PROFITABILITY PLANNING INTENSIVE where you will create your detailed Action Plan to jumpstart your success

Three Months of Training, Coaching, and Accountability with a Focus on REVENUE GENERATION

• 1 Jumpstart Session - Our first will help kickoff your path to success, give you an overview of whats to come and a chance to meet your fellow cohort members.

• 5 Regular Meetings - Build momentum and learn key strategies for accelerating your revenue and business growth.

• 5 Streamlined Coaching Calls - Join us for an informal Q&A and Office Hour session.

• 11 Marketing Action Calls - We will discuss and IMPLEMENT marketing activities each week.

• 1 Completion Meeting - Our final meeting where we will be celebrating business successes, revenue goals and hard work during the program.

Additional SRA Support Includes:

• Weekly Accountability Reporting

• Private Facebook Group

• Library of video and pdf resources

• Support, ideas and feedback from other successful business professionals in the group

• Guest Expert Speakers

Let’s team up to achieve immediate wins and long-lasting success!


We have worked with Connie in a variety of options available and have seen our business become more successful than we had imagined in a much shorter time. This past year, participating in her quarterly group coaching which focused on marketing, we increased our income by 35% over the previous year, all during a time of year when we generally had very low income growth.

Colleen O’Connor

Licensed independent insurance agent specializing in individual Medicare insurance, Founder of Trinity Life Solutions, Inc.

Almost a year ago I was ready to close my doors. I hadn’t had business come in for months and the stress and anxiety of trying to provide for a large family and keep my entrepreneurial dream alive was near crippling.

I was looking for help and as it happened I connected with a business coach I know, Connie Keough Whitesell. I have invested a lot in different programs over the years and been very disappointed in the results from “silver bullet” type programs. You know the ones that make big promises on the secret to success.

Connie didn’t promise any of that. Instead she helped me not by sharing some business secrets, but by:

  • Helping me see where my efforts were lacking
  • Identifying activities that WERE and WERE NOT productive
  • Keeping me accountable to do the work that put me out of my comfort zone
  • Supporting me with tools, ideas, and encouragement

Fast forward to today. I am having the best year I have ever had in business. Even my normal seasonal quiet times have increased. Connie was able to help me turn my business around and by extension, help me continue to take care of my family and pursue my dream.

Brandon Hills

Good Steward Designs

EXCEPTIONAL. Connie helped me go from “good” to “incredible” in so many areas of my business this year – productivity, scaling, delegation, efficiency, client services, marketing. She is amazing.

Alyssa Gross

Corporate Attorney, William C. Moran and Associates

I am gaining clarity and confidence in SRA 2nd Quarter. I signed up for Q3 and Q4 because I have made more money in this quarter than ever before.

Kirsten Reitan

WNY Energy Healing, CEO/Founder/Owner of WNY Energy Healing and Kir-roma Reikqi LLC.

If you find yourself a bit scattered, not realizing your full potential, wanting a clearer path….it is time to consult with Connie Whitesell of Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching.

Being a difficult year in our business, Connie has helped us immensely in helping us navigate this difficult market we find ourselves in. Our goal is clear. The daily tasks that Connie outlined have been a game changer. With Connie’s help, our goal is clearer than ever and definitely within reach. (Connie’s side note: The amazing Grinewiches exceeded their goals for each quarter they participated in SRA, one time by 154%)

Bob and Joyce Joyce Mayer Grinewich

Licensed Associate Real Estate Brokers, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services