Scattered to Streamlined

Strategic Planning

Are you ready to:

  • Shift focus from getting lost in the details of the business to concentrating on higher-level objectives?
  • Drastically reduce the time it takes to achieve objectives for higher profitability and business success? With S2S strategic and tactical planning, your organization will embrace its long-term objectives while also knowing quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, and week-by-week, what specific steps need to be taken to make those objectives and vision for the business a reality.
  • Get unstuck from years of plateauing in the business and have the confidence to create and experience new levels of professional success?
  • Enjoy the life your business has been designed to support?

Working together, we will develop a plan for your business that will:

  • Clarify and reconnect with your overall business purpose
  • Define and organize your short and long-term business objectives

  • Map out strategies and a step-by-step action plan so you know on what you and your team should be focusing each week, month, and quarter of the upcoming year

  • Come alive with a tangible vision through ongoing consultative/coaching support

What clients have to say:

“As a benefit of Ms. Whitesell’s analyses, we were able to move with clarity and optimism . . . We came to quick agreement on where our future was headed and what we needed to do to get there . . .Happily, we are on our way to our most productive and profitable year ever.”

~Ed Cavan, VP, Board of Directors, Sweet Home Federal Credit Union, Buffalo, NY

The decision to hire Connie Whitesell as my strategic coach was, hands down, the best move I made when I began to move forward on manifesting my dream of launching The Molitor Group. Connie and I spent an entire day together systematically organizing all my ideas and thoughts. She has the uncanny ability to sort out my competing thoughts as well as give me a nudge when I was playing small-ball with my goals. It was Connie’s ability to patiently work through all the nuances of a start-up in a manner that was productive and enjoyable that empowered me to move confidently in the direction of my dreams. The success we are experiencing now and all future success is a direct result of our work together! 

~Ed Molitor, Founder of The Molitor Group, Chicago, IL