I see a lot of knocking of new year’s resolutions and . . . . . . . . I’m actually a huge fan of them. 🤫


  • The new year provides us with a symbolic fresh start. Yes, we can start a new habit or set an exciting goal any time (and I encourage people to do so), but there is something about January, the start to a brand new year, that feels even more powerful for doing it.
  • The new year provides many with an actual fresh start. Many businesses have their fiscal year coinciding with the calendar year. For their employees or contractors, the counted metrics (sales, deals, revenue) start back at zero. What better time to set those year-end and quarterly goals?
  • Community and Accountability. This is the time when the most people are setting intentions for the year. It is the perfect time to find others with similar goals and work together to support each other on the path to resolution achievement.
  • Don’t fall out of God’s favor! (kidding) Four thousand years ago, the Babylonians were believed to be the first people to create resolutions by making promises to the gods. If they kept their resolutions, the gods would show favor. If they didn’t, uh-oh! 😬

Don’t stop there!

Too often, people make resolutions and quickly fail at them. Why? They don’t keep them top of mind and give up too quickly. To make them effective:

  • Create a plan!
    It doesn’t have to be anything long or complicated. Likely, your resolution is something you will achieve over time, not just in one action. There will be a process involved. Determine the key elements of the process and create a checklist. Each time you take a step, mark it and give yourself a pat on the back.
  • Keep them top of mind.
    • Create a graphic representing your resolution and put it someplace you will see daily like on your phone/computer as “wallpaper” or on your bathroom mirror. Change it up quarterly so you don’t become blind to it.
    • Create a recording of your resolution and listen to it daily as part of your morning routine.
    • Create an affirmation (a statement that it’s already true) and repeat it daily.
    • Put the process steps in your calendar.
  • Give yourself grace

You will fall off. You won’t do this perfectly. The process may take longer than you intended. Give yourself a break, be a Jimmy😉, and get back on that horse.

(If that Jimmy reference didn’t make sense, get yourself on over to Yellowstone – now!!)