🌟Space for exploring and adventure
🌟A new rhythm to my group coaching programs
🌟Only working with clients who are go-getters, fun and inspiring
🌟Another 50% (minimum) growth year
🌟Collaborating with amazing accountability partners

These are just some of the highlights I’ll be bringing with me from 2023 into my 2024 Success Plan and I couldn’t be more excited to bring these to life. 

As we approach the end of 2023, this is the perfect opportunity for small and solo business owners to pause and reflect on the year that’s about to close. It’s a great time to gain insights and decide what we’d like to carry forward into the coming year. 

Consider this:

Reflection #1: Cherished Professional Memories 

What are the standout moments that brought you immense professional joy and satisfaction in 2023? Was it a successful launch, a memorable collaboration, or perhaps an acknowledgment of your hard work and dedication? Write down those moments that made you smile and feel accomplished in your business journey. Refer to them when you hit a roadblock or challenge in 2024.

Reflection #2: Greatest Achievement 

Reflect on your proudest achievement this year. What milestones did you reach that gave you a sense of fulfillment? It could be overcoming a challenge, hitting a revenue goal, or making a positive impact in your community. Celebrate those accomplishments that made you feel proud of your efforts and growth. 

Reflection #3: Positive Influencers

Consider the people who left a positive mark on you professionally this year. It could be a mentor who guided you, a colleague whose support was invaluable, or a client whose feedback inspired you. Recognizing those individuals who contributed to your growth can be a meaningful way to express gratitude.

Reflection #4: Favorite Collaborators

Reflect on the collaborators or partners you’ve worked with in 2023. Who were the people you enjoyed collaborating with the most? What made those collaborations stand out for you? Acknowledge those individuals whose collaboration and teamwork made your business journey more enjoyable and productive.

Reflection #5: Vision for the Future

As we embrace the upcoming year – before you finalize your 2024 goals – contemplate your vision. Taking time to envision your path forward will ensure your goals are aligned with your ideal state:

🏢 Workspace: Visualize your workspace or environment. How does it align with your goals and work style?

📦 Services/Products: What are the most sought-after services or products for your clients/customers? How can you enhance or introduce offerings that resonate with them?

💰 Income Goals: Determine your ideal monthly or annual income and how you showcase your unique talents to achieve these targets.

📣 Sharing Brilliance: How do you plan to share your services/products with the world? What strategies will you use to reach your audience effectively?

🌐 Ideal Collaborators: Who are the people you wish to collaborate with or partner alongside in your journey?

👥 Supporting Team: Envision how individuals supporting your business interact among themselves. How do you foster a collaborative environment?

Ideal Workweek: Describe your dream workweek or workday that aligns with your lifestyle and productivity.

🌈 Other Aspects: What other aspects of your work stand out in your vision? How do they contribute to your overall business goals?

Reflecting on these aspects of your business vision can uncover fresh insights and recalibrate your priorities for the upcoming year. With a clear vision, setting well-aligned business goals becomes more achievable.

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