As a fellow business owner, I understand that running a business can sometimes feel overwhelming and exhausting. You may be at the point where your business is growing and you just can’t keep up with everything yourself. In most cases, you’ll need to enlist help to free up time for your genius work. By leveraging support – the right support – you’ll watch your business soar.

Here’s a streamlined guide to getting that dream team in place.

1. What Do You Need Help With?

First things first, take a breather and reflect. What’s been keeping you up at night? Is it those never-ending administrative tasks or perhaps a special project requiring some unique skills? What tasks are outside your wheelhouse or drain your energy and time? Identifying your pain points is the first step to getting the help you need. 

2. Craft a Job Description That Speaks to You

Now that you know what you need help with, get writing. Draft a job description that not only outlines responsibilities but also speaks to the kind of person you’d love to have on your team. Be clear about what you expect from them. State the overall goal of the position, and what characteristics make the job a good fit. 

3. How Many Hours and How Much Green?

Next, you need to do some number crunching. Think about how many hours a week or month you’ll need assistance, and set a budget accordingly. This step ensures that you and potential candidates are on the same page right from the start. Also, think about what additional business you may need to bring in to cover the expense so you aren’t cutting into your profits. 

4. Define Your Dream Candidate

If you could hire the perfect person, what would that look like? Do you want a seasoned pro? Or are you open to nurturing fresh talent, and potentially saving some costs? Decide on the experience, qualifications, and skills you’re looking for in your dream candidate.

5. Virtual or In-Person Support?

Where will this person work – virtually or in person? Virtual assistance offers flexibility and a wide talent pool. Alternatively, you might prefer having someone onsite for certain roles or personal preferences. What location fulfills the business needs?

6. Scouting for the Perfect Fit

Once you have all the details identified, it’s time to get recruiting. Start your quest for the perfect teammate in your local community and professional network. Recommendations from connections you trust can be pure gold. If you strike out locally, don’t worry; there are plenty of reputable job boards and websites to explore.

So there you have it! Leverage support, and we’ll make your business dreams come true together. Remember, success is a team sport and, with the right people, you’re unstoppable!

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