Profitability Planning Intensive

Wednesday, June 26th, 10am – 2pm ET

Empowering small business owners to streamline and strategically plan for next quarter’s growth.


You have hundreds of brilliant, but scattered, business development ideas but feel uncertain about how to proceed.

You find yourself regretting the decision to start your own business as you experience the absence of stability, consistency, and support.

You can’t remember the last time you thought about your business plan for the future, much less worked on it.

You are frantically busy every day, but at the end of each day, you struggle to pinpoint a significant task that you have successfully accomplished.

You feel overwhelmed managing all aspects of your business single-handedly, including paperwork, billing, contracts, financial tracking, marketing, client-facing work, customer service, and many more tasks.

You find yourself constantly prioritizing your business over the things that truly matter to you, like your health, loved ones, or other critical aspects of your life.

It’s time to reclaim your business and break free from these feelings and challenging situations.

Past Participants Say…

"I went with the hope of a magic bullet or secret hack to help my business. What I received was a step-by-step process that helped me identify the areas of my business I actually needed to work on. With Connie’s guidance I was able to develop a plan to help me reach my business goals with easy to do action steps. Without her help I believe I would still be just as scattered in my business development activities."

Brandon Hills
Web Designer/Developer
Good Steward Designs

"I was so focused on looking at the marketing strategy of my business and how to build the base, I lost sight of the other aspects of the business–the operational and systems side–that make it easier for me and my clients to grow and develop. As a result of working with Connie, I am able to take my business from a soloist's perspective to develop the systems necessary to smoothly transition into an orchestra."

Ghaya Barwani
Corporate & Business Leadership Coach & Trainer

"This investment will boost your revenue and strengthen your capacity as a business. At the very least you will get personal development and grow your network through the other group members- it has been so transformational for us, that we go back every 1st quarter to make another aspect of our business stronger and more efficient! You can't lose on this investment."

Giselle Jackman
Partner and Licensed Medicare Insurance Broker
Trinity Life Solutions

Picture This

You exponentially increase your profits and productivity by staying focused on the big picture.

You have systems in place and people to support you so you can finally focus on the activities that grow your business.

You review and revise your annual success plan regularly, celebrating the achievements and confidently adjusting for challenges, with your annual goals becoming closer and closer to fruition.

You are relieved to know exactly what you need to be working on quarter-to-quarter, month-to-month, week-to-week and, yes, even day-by-day to move your business closer to your goals.

At the end of every work day, you are confident you have taken care of the most important priorities for your business that day.

You LOVE your work and could not be happier with your decision to work for yourself!

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My next PPI is June 26th, held virtually on Zoom.

Join me and like-minded business owners for this virtual half-day retreat where we dive into all aspects of your business, setting you up for exponential success in the next quarter!

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