Scattered to Streamlined

Small Biz 101 Podcast

All You Need to Know to Start or Grow Your Small Business!

Through a combination of interviews and topics presented by your host, Connie Whitesell, you will learn how to:

  • Determine the ideal small business for you and create a comprehensive business plan providing the roadmap for your business success
  • Grow your existing small business through strategic planning, utilizing short-term and long-term marketing strategies tailored specifically to you and your industry,
  • Implement personal and professional success strategies for maximum success!


Episode 16: Business Success Interview with Janna Willoughy-Lehr

Episode 15: How Body Self-Image Impacts Business Success

Episode 14: Legal Considerations for Small Business Owners

Episode 13: SCORE – An Interview with Letasha Montgomery, Buffalo/Niagara Chapter Administrator

Episode 12: Free & Low-cost Resources for Starting Your Small Business

Episode 11: Financing Sources for Your Small Business 

Episode 10: How Much Will It Cost to Start My Business?

Episode 9: Research, Research, Research

Episode 8: From College Basketball Coaching to Financial Advising

Episode 7: Three Critical Small Business Cautions

Episode 6: Book Talk: The Slight Edge and More!

Episode 5: Top 10 Online Businesses for On-the-Move People

Episode 4: From Basketball Coach to Leadership Coach

Episode 3:Generating Business Ideas

Episode 2: An interview with Enneagram Expert, Lisa Alessi

Episode 1: Self Assessmentment: Your Business and You