Ever get the feeling your to-do list has a mind of its own? You’re not alone. As a small business owner or professional, you juggle a million priorities, and it’s easy to get bogged down in the daily grind. But what if there was a way to take control, boost productivity, and free up time for the things you enjoy?

As a solo business owner or professional, you may not have a team to manage, but you do have yourself. Your secret weapon for managing your business – Personal (or Self) Management

It’s not about fancy software or productivity hacks (although those can help!). Personal management is about strategically managing your priorities, energy, and tasks. Think of it as the foundation for your small business success, which is why it’s one of the Scattered to Streamlined business pillars.


Here are some key strategies to transform your work style and conquer your to-do list:

  • Identify Your Top Priority. Multitasking might feel efficient, but it’s a focus killer. Each week, identify your single most important task (MIT). Ask yourself: “What accomplishment this week would set me up for future success?” This could be a sales target, a key project milestone, or a strategic initiative.
  • The Power of DDSS. Not everything deserves your precious time. Use the DDSS method to ruthlessly prioritize:
    • Delete: Is a task unnecessary or irrelevant to your MIT? Take it off the list.
    • Delegate: Can someone else handle it effectively? Delegate and free up your mental space.
    • Systematize: Can you create a process or automation to handle this task? Streamline and save time in the long run.
    • Someday: Is this a task you’d like to do eventually, but not right now? Move it to a “someday” list for future review.
  • Calendarize for Success. Now, it’s time to turn your prioritized tasks into a concrete plan. The key is to calendarize – starting with your joy activities (a great term one of my clients uses)! Then, block out time for your MIT, giving consideration to when you have the most energy. Group similar tasks together in categories (e.g. marketing, administration, operations, client fulfillment) and schedule time for these categories. 

🌟DON’T forget to leave buffer time for unexpected events or overruns.🌟 


Even the most meticulous plans get derailed. Here are a few strategies to leverage when you need a back-up plan.

Take a wider view of your schedule and negotiate time. Renegotiate deadlines on less important tasks or reschedule appointments to free up space when the unexpected hits.

Be honest with yourself – some tasks can simply wait. Move them to next week or even next month without guilt. Your time and energy are valuable, so focus on what truly matters.Sometimes you have to prioritize ruthlessly.

Embrace “good enough” because perfectionism can be a major productivity drain. Ask yourself if a slightly lower standard on a specific task would free up time for more important things. Remember, progress over perfection is key.

Finally, be kind to yourself. Things happen, and that’s okay. Give yourself grace, and know that others will understand.

By implementing these personal management strategies, you can transform from a to-do list slave into a productivity powerhouse. You’ll free up time and energy to focus on what matters most, both in your business and personal life. 

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