Every year as we transition from one year to the next, I look forward to taking quiet time to prepare my soul for the new year.

This ritual fills me with comfort, inspiration and a deep feeling of relief for releasing what no longer serves me and welcoming in what does.

As we wind down both the month and 2022, I would like to share this ritual with you.


Find a private, quiet, cozy spot. One that makes you feel safe, warm and happy.

Light candles and play soft instrumental music in the background. (Alexa, Hey Google, and all the rest have lovely selections to choose from)

Enjoy a special treat of your favorite tea, hot cocoa, or a glass of champagne.

If there is a lit fireplace or wood stove nearby, all the better.

Are you seeing in your mind how cozy and embracing this space will be?

Supplies you will want to have on hand: 

  • Something special to write in – a new journal for the new year is my favorite
  • Several small pieces of paper: these can be post-it notes, a paper pad, or even a sheet of paper torn into smaller pieces
  • If a fireplace is not an option, have a bowl and matches or a lighter on hand


Through the obstacles, challenges, fears, and doubts we experience, we build the foundation for greater strength and resiliency. We gain clarity on the good things we want to experience and embrace.

At this conclusion time of the year, it is a perfect time to release those challenges and obstacles to make space for new hopes, dreams, freshness and opportunities.

To begin:

Listen to the soothing music, take several deep breaths, close your eyes and allow yourself to enter into a relaxed and comfortable state.

Begin thinking about what you want to release from 2022 and not carry forward into the new year. For example, certain:

  • Challenges
  • Frustrations and worries
  • Mindsets that do not benefit you
  • Resentments
  • Actions/activities that do not serve you

Open your eyes and write each of these items to be released on one of the small pieces of paper.

As a symbolic gesture of release, I throw the crumpled balls into the fireplace, saying a prayer or statement of gratitude for the teachings, empowerment, strength and/or resiliency these challenges brought forward. If the fireplace is not an option for you, place the papers in a bowl and, set them on fire in a safe place – like over a sink or outside over the snow (as they may scatter when lit).

Enjoy the feeling of release as the paper disintegrates.


Take that fresh new journal or planner and begin writing a list of all you wish to bring into 2023.

Be expansive and dream big. Think about experiences, abundance, mindset, and all that brings light and joy into your heart. Free flow write for as long as the thoughts come. Take a break, them write some more.

Leave plenty of white space for additional thoughts as they come later.

Enjoy the feelings that arise as you think about yourself in a place of experiencing each item you have just written down.

Give thanks and a toast to yourself for being the inspirational, powerful, manifester of your life.

**This is also a GREAT exercise to do with your loved ones and closest friends.**

All of my love and best wishes for a new year filled with love, laughter, and abundance – Connie