I remember first starting my business and feeling overwhelmed with the costs: legal, accounting, website, software, office equipment and supplies 😅 – and these were just for a home office!

Running a small business requires a significant investment of monetary resources, especially when starting out. You may be surprised, however, how many free or low-cost resources are available to support your business journey.

Small Business Development Centers
One valuable resource is America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), a partner program of the Small Business Administration. With nearly 1,000 local centers across the US, SBDCs offer no-cost business consulting and affordable training to help you start and grow your business. Visit https://americassbdc.org/find-your-sbdc/ to find your local center.

Small Business Librarians
Who knew your library could host your go-to resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs? Just last month I had a wonderful interview with Carol Kowalik-Happy, a Small Business Librarian here in Western New York. If this piques your interest, listen to this dynamite conversation. Small business librarians, like Carol, are dedicated to helping you get your business off the ground and growing. Connecting with one provides you with a wealth of remarkable resources and the best part is that they’re all completely FREE. Some of the library resources Carol mentioned in our discussion included:

  • Business Planning – leverage the knowledge of your Small Business Librarian to create a business plan.
  • The Reference Solutions Database – access to the most up-to-date business and consumer data available (such as historical market trends, potential business locations, business contacts, and more!)
  • “Book a Tech Trainer” – get support with computer software, programs, and equipment for your business.
  • Professional Photography – book someone to take headshots for your marketing.
  • Recording Studio – utilize this space for creating commercials, podcasts, or social media content with the use of the library’s professional camera, green screen, and MacBook editing software.

Keep in mind that the services offered may vary depending on your location. 

Market Research
Market research is a goldmine of insights that can significantly impact your business success. Engage in Market Research Conversations with your ideal, prospective, current, and past clients to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Listen to this podcast episode from the archives to discover other ways to conduct research. It’s geared toward start-up businesses, but the same principles apply. Check it out and let me know what surprised you!

Next-level Support
While these resources are fantastic, there may come a time when you need tailored advice and expert assistance to overcome specific business obstacles. That’s where a business strategist can step in, providing you with personalized support, helping refine your business plan, and serving as an accountability partner to keep you on track toward achieving your goals.

If that sounds like you, book your complimentary discovery session today and we can explore your streamlined success plan!

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