Ready for a fresh start in 2024? I’ve got some down-to-earth tips to kick off your year on the right foot. Let’s rethink “New Year – New You” as “New Year – YOU Vibes” because you’re pretty amazing just the way you are. Let’s dive in and make this year uniquely yours!

Why the Reset is a Big Deal

You’re a go-getter as a small business owner, right? That drive is what makes you thrive, – and, it can sometimes feel like a double-edged sword. Always wanting more, doing more, achieving more—sound familiar? It’s a recipe for burnout and feeling all over the place.

Here’s where you might be: either you’ve got your 2024 goals lined up and you’re itching to dive in, or you’re overwhelmed and wondering where the heck to start. Either way, it’s reset time. Grab a few hours, a day, or even a whole weekend. Step back, treat yourself a bit, and let those ideas simmer. Trust me, some of the best ideas pop up when you least expect it. (Shower thoughts, anyone?)

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight: resetting isn’t procrastination. It’s giving your spirit and heart a say in how you tackle your business, straight from the authentic you. You’ll be all set to hit the ground running NOW.

Using Your Vision as Your Guide

Got a vision for 2024? If not, now’s the perfect time to dream a little. I’m all about balancing the logical left brain with the creative right brain. Enter the Vision Board—whether it’s a hands-on, cut-and-paste masterpiece, or a digital wonder. Keep your goals in focus by checking it out daily. I’ve plastered mine all over—office, goal planner, phone screensaver. Can’t escape those dreams, and I love it.

What’s your vision? Got a vision board? Drop a pic in the comments! I’d love to see where you are going this year.

Resetting through Story Scripting

If you’re into journaling (or thinking about giving it a shot), story scripting is magical. Andrew Kap, author of The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read, calls it “transforming the energy of what you want and pulling its materialized form into your reality.” Sounds a bit mystical, but it’s simple. Start with a gratitude affirmation, then jot down why you’re grateful in present-tense statements. Basically, you’re bringing the energy of your goals into the here and now.

For example, “I’m grateful for my five new clients! I get to help more entrepreneurs create the businesses of their dreams. Onboarding clients is smooth sailing and I’m enjoying ever-increasing income months. Expanding the team for business growth feels fantastic. Thanks, Universe!”

If you haven’t tried story scripting, it can be a game-changer in your January Reset.

Resetting Your Comfort Zone

Let’s talk about the Upper Limit Problem—a gem from Gay Hendricks’ book, “The Big Leap.” Your upper limit is like the comfort zone ceiling. Start to break through it, and bam, unconscious self-sabotage. Ever started on a business goal, only to pause because something else “took priority”? Or had to cancel plans just before launching that epic webinar? That might be your upper limit waving hello.

To understand it, sniff out hidden barriers and limiting behaviors. Hidden barriers are like internal guardians—”who am I to do this” thinking, fear of being disloyal, thinking more success means a bigger headache, or worrying about outshining others.

When these barriers kick in, you get those limiting behaviors, sabotaging your progress. Sound familiar? The key is to spot when this happens, question why, and work on breaking through. It’s a journey, and having a strategy coach on your side can make all the difference. That’s where I come in—assessment, planning, and customized tools to make those goals of yours not just goals, but wins.

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Ready, RESET, Go!

As we ride the January reset wave, here’s to a 2024 that’s authentically yours. These tips are your toolkit to cultivate a mindset that’ll power you through the year with clarity, creativity, and a sprinkle of resilience. Cheers to a year filled with wins and growth! 

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