Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and everything outside is green and beautiful. Who else wants to get out there and enjoy it all?

Especially here in the northern states, we’ve been pretty well closed up between both winter’s cold/spring’s wet weather and an ages-long pandemic. The itch is on to get outside and play.

But – we have businesses to run. Clients and customers to support. Marketing to be continued. Operations to run smoothly. Who has the time?

We must MAKE the time. Mental, emotional, and physical health are the foundations to being able to run an effective and profitable business.

Suggestions to consider:

  • Shorten your work week. Many organizations shorten their week when the weather opens up. How about Fridays (or any other typical workday of the week) or even Friday afternoons off? Work slightly longer on the other days.
  • Shift your work day hours. Enjoy more time with family or friends in the late afternoons by starting your work day earlier. For me, I love to hike in the cool mornings so, in the summer, I begin my work day a bit later than normal to ensure I have time for those hikes. Here’s a pic from yesterday morning –
  • Conduct meetings outside. An outdoor patio of a coffee shop, a picnic table along the lake, a walk along a beautiful path – all of these can be ideal settings for getting things done while enjoying a summertime setting.
  • Book that vacation now! Time will fly and now is the time to clear your schedule, book the flights, car rentals, hotels, vacation rentals at good rates for a fabulous getaway. If you do not, it’s too easy for life, work, and time to take over your schedule and end up not allowing for a good break. Then make sure it’s truly a complete break from your work. You’ll feel so much more motivated for work when you return.
  • Schedule mini-getaways. Last year, my husband and I booked long weekend getaways once each month at various lakeside and mountain locations not far from home. It was so refreshing to know we would have mini-breaks during times when it was too difficult to leave for long stretches.
  • Join an outdoor activity group and commit to taking part in regular outings. How about a hiking, kayaking, bocce, or sailing group? By the end of summer, won’t it feel good to know you regularly got out and, not only enjoyed a seasonal activity, but also spent good quality time with friends – old and new? Maybe even a new client or two may come from the experiences – you never know . . .
  • Create a welcoming outdoor space where you live. A good friend of mine fills her outdoor patio with plants, lights and comfortable seating. It’s a small space that turns into a summertime haven. For us, it’s our wide-open front porch where we sit for hours in the evenings, enjoying music, good books, and chats with neighbors. It also makes a great space for getting some work done outside during the day.

What else comes to your mind for ensuring you enjoy all of the beauty and activities summer brings, while still being productive in your work?