Fellow business trailblazers…Can you believe we’re already wrapping up first quarter of 2024? Time flies when you’re hustling, right? Before we get too carried away, let’s pause and do a little check-in on our 2024 state.

How you Doin’?

I can still hear Joey Tribbiani with his smooth inflection asking this question. (Any “Friends” fans out there?!) This is a great way to start your quarterly check-in – some humor and a light-hearted attitude. 

Here are three simple questions to help get a pulse of your progress:

  • What’s been your shining moment so far this year? Maybe you finally conquered that pesky task you’ve been putting off, or perhaps you landed that dream client you’ve been chasing. Whatever it is, give yourself a round of applause—you deserve it!
  • What are your confidence-boosting victories? Has story scripting, mindset work, or rockin those linen pants and birkenstocks on your Zoom meetings shifted your perspective? Yay you!! Keep it going. 
  • What challenge has led to your biggest “Aha” of the year so far? Keep committed to the results of that “Aha”. Your determination and resilience will pay off – trust me!

Money Moves

Now that you’re warmed up, let’s move on to the serious stuff – your financial check-in. At this point in 2024, you are ideally around 20-25% of your financial goal for the year. If you’re not quite there yet, no sweat! I’ve got some clever tricks up our sleeves to help you snag some quick cash.

1. Remind past clients of your offerings: It’s like sending a gentle nudge to remind them of the awesome products or services you offer. Your clients might just need a little reminder to come back for more.

2. Highlight anything new: Remember that time you added a sprinkle of magic to your offerings and launched something totally new and exciting? Now’s the perfect time to shine a spotlight on it and let your audience know the solutions you offer to their headaches.

3. Follow up with those who’ve expressed past interest: Think of it like rekindling an old flame (but way less dramatic!) Reach out to those who’ve shown interest in the past and see if they’re ready to invest. You might just reignite their excitement and seal the deal!

4. Improve an existing product and relaunch: Why not give one of your offerings a makeover? Add some extra limited-time-offers to glam-up your already amazing offerings, then relaunch it to the world!

5. Assess if it’s time for a price increase: Take a good look at your offerings, assess their value, and don’t be afraid to adjust those digits if you’re delivering top-notch quality.

I know, money talk can make a small business owner sweat, feel overwhelmed, or induce your fight/flight/freeze response. With the right “money moves” you can get back on track (or ahead of the game) in no time. Let’s turn those scattered ideas into streamlined action plans and make this quarter your most profitable one yet! 

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