Starting a business typically requires a significant investment of monetary resources. Creating your initial business plan does not have to!

Think I’m shooting myself in the foot here? Read through to the end and you will see when it IS appropriate to invest in a business coach for help with your planning.

Below, you will find listings of some of my favorite free and low-cost resources for small businesses to use both in their planning and for start-up support. Start exploring and you’ll be gob smacked by what great and in-depth information is available. 



  • Local library

Business specific:

  • Industry associations
  • Mentors  

Task specific:

  • For any business topic there are online guides and courses
  • YouTube
  • Books on Amazon including Dummies Books! (written by experts!)

When a Business Coach Makes Sense

Where a business coach or consultant comes into play is when you’ve exhausted these resources and still need:

  • Advice personalized to your business
  • Someone with whom you can discuss ideas and narrow down choices when you are feeling overwhelmed or scattered
  • Someone to help pull together the plan for you, finalizing the details and developing the action steps
  • Someone to hold you accountable

Next Steps

Select one or two of the resources to explore. If you need any assistance, reach out to me and I will be happy to help. Most importantly, get started – TODAY!

Have some of your own free and low cost resources? Please share in the comments below.