Ahoy, fellow soloprenuers and small business owners! Any time I see an email newsletter from self-care guru, Cheryl Richardson, I can’t wait to open it. She was my first source of life-changing personal development over 25 years ago and she seems to always speak directly to me, I swear! New podcast by Mel Robbins – you better believe I’m going to listen to her words of wisdom straight away. 

How about you? Are there any newsletters filled with insights and humor that leave you eagerly awaiting the next edition? Or perhaps it’s a new podcast episode you can’t wait to drop because it grabs your attention with its witty banter and valuable tips. You are drawn in like a ship to a lighthouse!

Whatever form it takes, a great lighthouse—the primary way you share your work—has the power to attract, engage, and guide your audience to your business. This is all about the Marketing Business Pillar – something many small business owners neglect in their business strategy. Let’s uncover the streamlined secrets of building your very own marketing lighthouse to draw more attention to your brilliant work! 

Casting Off in the Marketing Seas

Pam Slim, in her book “Widest Net,” describes the lighthouse as your own bright, shiny spotlight that tells your ideal customers, peers, and partners who you are, who you work with, and what solutions you provide. It’s like having your own personal marketing beacon shining bright in the stormy seas of competition.

Exploring the Kinds of Lighthouses

When it comes to marketing, each business owner needs to determine the marketing activities that are right for their business. 

Remember the Pareto Principle? [Eighty percent of business typically comes from 20% of marketing activities.] Within that 20% of your activity is ONE primary way to get your work out in front of your prospects. It’s not the only way, but it’s your primary focus. That is your lighthouse activity. 

There are a couple types of lighthouses to explore:

  1. One-off Beacons: These are like the flashy fireworks that light up the night sky—a webinar, a speaking engagement, or a special event that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression. From a TedX talk to partnership panels, these one-off beacons offer brief but impactful moments of illumination.
  2. Permanent Beacons: These are the reliable beacons that shine consistently, rain or shine. Whether it’s a podcast, an email newsletter, highlighting your work in a weekly networking group or on a social media platform, these permanent beacons serve as steadfast guides in the ever-changing tides of marketing and sales.

Do You Have a Lighthouse?

Take a moment to reflect: Do you have a marketing lighthouse of your own? Is it guiding you toward your goals, or are you adrift in the digital abyss? If you’re already shining brightly, double down and make it even better. If not, it may be time to try something new—to cast a new beacon into the darkness and see where it leads.

Choosing Your Lighthouse

How do you choose the right lighthouse for you? Consider these guiding questions:

  • What’s your marketing superpower? Are you a wordsmith, a data wizard, or a social media maven?
  • What’s the preferred communication channel for your ideal clients? Meet them where they hang out the most.
  • What’s your budget? Let’s face it, not all of us can afford to build a marketing skyscraper from scratch.
  • Most importantly, what are you most likely to stay consistent with? Choose a lighthouse that aligns with your strengths and keeps you motivated to keep the light burning bright.

Qualities of a Great Lighthouse

Now that you’ve got your lighthouse sorted, let’s really make it shine! First, make sure your brand voice is crystal clear and unique, so it speaks directly to your ideal client/customer and stands out from the rest. Be authentic and add a touch of personality into your marketing – think of having a friendly chat rather than pushing a sales pitch. 

Then, make sure your campaigns and content are top-notch, grabbing your audience’s attention. The marketing sea is fast-paced so you have to stay nimble and keep things fresh. These activities help gain trust from your prospects and current clients. 

Consistency is key here! Keep your messaging and delivery on point so your audience knows they can rely on you. 

Charting Your Course

As you navigate the seas of marketing and sales, remember that your lighthouse is more than just a beacon—it’s a symbol of your expertise, your passion, and your commitment to guiding others toward success. So hoist your sails, set your course, and let your marketing lighthouse shine bright.

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