Yes, you can mix work and play. As small business owners, you and I understand the demands of “keeping the lights on” even when we’re trying to enjoy the time off work. With summer kicking into full swing, it’s the perfect time to find that delicate balance between work and play. You’ve earned it! 

In this blog post, I’ll share some entertaining and unique strategies to help you create a harmonious blend of productivity and enjoyment during the sunny season. Get ready to discover my top 10 ideas, ranging from client gifts and socializing events to personal work retreats. Let’s make this summer a memorable one, where work and play intertwine seamlessly.

Are you ready? Drum roll, please……

#10: BYOB. Gift mugs or tumblers with personalized motivational quotes to your top clients. Surprise them and encourage them to enjoy their summer season. They will remember your kindness every time they use their mug.

#9: Take a chance. One of the regular gifts I’ve given to clients is a mystery soap bar I found on Etsy. Each bar contains the chance to win $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100 – the bill is hidden in the soap! Send out a summer-scented mystery bar and ask your clients to keep you posted on their winnings. 

#8: Level up your work retreat. Find a unique vacation rental, like a renovated school bus, railway car, or treehouse to escape for a night or two. Set an itinerary of your goals for the retreat, and make sure to enjoy some downtime. Here’s some inspiration: 

#7: Sightseeing. Spend a half-day retreat at the lobby or rooftop of a beautiful hotel. Bring your headphones and connect to wifi to get some work done. Treat yourself to a fun snack or beverage. 

#6: Don’t forget! I’ve gifted personalized journals to clients and they love them! Check out Etsy for an option that works for your business. Clients can use them for work or even for journaling about their own summer adventures.

#5: Hit the books. Plan a day retreat at a College or University library. Many are beautiful and have campus areas to grab a snack or lunch. Get out of your normal work setting. 

#4: Turn it up! Gift new clients a wireless speaker as a “thank you” gift this summer. It shows that you value their business and personal enjoyment. This is a practical and thoughtful item they can use and enjoy for years to come.

#3: All aboard! If your clients are local, offer a riverboat or lake cruise appreciation event. Savor the season while you get some business done. Or, just enjoy socializing!

#2: A night under the stars. Book an overnight or weekend work camping (or glamping) retreat. Take this time to focus on one of your business goals. If you have business partners, consider making it a group event. 

#1: Be my guest! I’m having a client appreciation party at the lake this summer. Have you considered throwing one for your clients? Obviously, they would have to be local or travel to join you. Still, inviting clients to your own space is one of those events they won’t forget. You’ll build lasting relationships, and maybe even get a few referrals. 

Harmoniously Blending Work & Play

As summer unfolds, don’t forget to infuse your work-life balance with the spirit of enjoyment and adventure. You can create a summer season that’s not only productive but also filled with moments of joy and relaxation. Whether it’s surprising your clients with thoughtful gifts, organizing socializing events to build stronger connections, or taking personal work retreats to recharge and reflect, this top 10 list will help you make the most of this vibrant season. 

So go ahead and embrace the summer vibes, knowing that you have the power to create a harmonious blend of work and play. 

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