Eclipse Your Limits Strategy Session

Let’s have some fun while creating impactful results for your business, with this once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event!

This eclipse-exclusive strategy session guides business owners with scattered brilliance, illuminating the path to prioritize their goals, uncover new trajectories for revenue generation, and provide a guiding light to bring order to chaos.

Scattered to Streamlined may be in the Zone of 100% Totality on April 8th, but I’ll make sure your business is never left in the dark!

My special Eclipse Edition Streamlined Strategy Session is a 100 (normally 90!) minute, one-to-one strategic consultation designed to complete a high-level assessment of your business, identify critical gaps, and provide you with top priorities for growing your business, with specific action steps identified for immediate implementation over the next three months.

Reserve your 100-minute Streamlined Strategy Session for $100 OFF (reg. $499) and prepare to eclipse your business limitations! (You don’t even have to be in the Zone of 100% Totality with me!)

(Offer valid until April 8th or until all 10 spots are filled, whichever comes first. This session may be used anytime in April or May. Sign up before April 1st and get a free pair of solar eclipse glasses.)

Streamlined Strategy Sessions Get Results!

Streamlined Strategy Sessions Get Results!

“If you need to get organized, set goals, plan for the year or quarter, or need ongoing accountability, reach out to Connie immediately. I guarantee she can help you.”

Michael Anderson, Founder of MJ Capital Resources

“When your business coach is the best and speaks to your soul, lol. ALWAYS keeping me sane and focused!”

Julie Starr, Founder, Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue

“EXCEPTIONAL. Connie helped me go from ‘good to ‘incredible’ in so many areas of my business this year- productivity, scaling, delegation, efficiency, client services, marketing. She is amazing.”

Alyssa Gross, Corporate Attorney, William C. Moran and Associates

Here’s What Happens During Your Session

Here’s What Happens During Your Session

Success Illumination

During your 100-minute 1:1 strategic consultation, I’ll guide you through my Scattered to Streamlined Process, helping you move from the shadows of challenges into the light of solutions.

Totality Transformation

Just as an eclipse offers opportunities to reset, rethink, and start fresh, this session will provide a transformative opportunity for you to emerge with newfound clarity and direction for your business.

Cosmic Rejuvenation

Embrace this new phase of renewal as I assess key aspects of your business, identify your top priorities, and unlock hidden potentials to revitalize your approach to growth.

Confident Navigation

The strategic insights will provide simple yet powerful steps to confidently streamline your business over the next three months. Your Streamlined Strategy Plan and a recording of our video call together will be provided.)

Ready to Eclipse Your Limits and Shine a Light on Your Brilliance?

Act fast to secure your spot and receive $100 off our eclipse-exclusive 100-minute Strategy Session. Offer ends April 8th or when all spots are filled, whichever comes first. Sign up by April 1st, and you’ll also receive a complimentary pair of solar eclipse glasses to witness this celestial event in style.

Step 1

Book your Eclipse Your Limits Strategy Session

Step 2

Complete a questionnaire about you, the current state of your business, and your dreams for the future to help us both prepare for the call.

Step 3

Hop on the Zoom call with me and let’s get you Streamlined! You will leave the call with your Streamlined Strategy Plan in hand, knowing exactly what areas are most important to focus on and what specific action steps to take.



Book your 1:1 Strategy Session by April 8 and SAVE $100!