Achieve Your Business Goals Faster and With Greater Ease

Transform your ideas into actionable plans, systems, and habits with ongoing one-to-one support, accountability, and resources for revenue acceleration, operational optimization, and peak personal management.

This 1:1 coaching program was designed for solopreneurs or business professionals who…

Feel alone, lack support or accountability, and feel overwhelming pressure to make the “right” decisions

Feel stuck in your work or find yourself falling off track, not moving forward, or perhaps even falling behind

Are caught up in the day-to-day activities of running your business with little time for the “big picture”

Are tired of your business being a constant drain on your personal time and energy

Need help balancing your desire to be of service with running a profitable business

Have a wealth of ideas but don’t know how to prioritize them or where to begin

Coaching with Connie

If that’s you, you’re ready for…


Gain clarity on what marketing activities you need to implement consistently each quarter, month, week, and even day to grow your business.


Implement proven tools, techniques, and resources so you can spend more time on the work you love and that brings in greater revenues to your business.


Improve your work (and life) by ensuring your self-management keeps you motivated, productive, and focused on the right activities.


“Connie is an outstanding Coach. She has helped me have my ideas come to fruition, create new ideas, holds me accountable, allows me to regularly vent, and helps me to realize my wins and areas I need to improve. My entrepreneurial mind has never worked better.”

Michael Anderson
Commercial Mortgage Broker

“Connie is an amazing coach, mentor, and business strategist. She helped me bring all my puzzle pieces under a solid umbrella and guided me into creating the perfect concept for my business in full alignment with my unique mission and skill set.”

Andrea Winzer
Mind Body Therapist

Here’s how Concierge 1:1 Coaching works:

Pre Kickoff Session

• Complete a pre-session questionnaire to help you focus on your top priorities

Kickoff Session

  • Half-day in-person or Zoom meeting
  • One-on-one intensive analysis of all business aspects: Products/Services, Operations, Marketing/Sales, Finances, and Personal Management
  • We’ll create a one-year strategic plan with timeline and detailed action steps for the upcoming quarter
  • You’ll leave with:
    • An action step checklist for the upcoming three-month period
    • Customized checklists and templates
    • Video and/or audio recordings
    • Copies of materials created throughout the session including flip charts or e-whiteboards

Ongoing Support and Accountability

  • 11 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Weekly group Marketing Action Calls with focused time for implementing your most important marketing activities
  • Unlimited email support
  • Review of relevant materials
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Free access to quarterly half-day group business planning intensives held during your coaching engagement

Are you ready to achieve your business goals faster with the clarity, accountability, and support 1:1 coaching can provide?