Scattered to Streamlined

Business Coaching

Are you a small business owner or executive:

    • Caught up in the day-to-day activities of your work with little time for “big picture” business development?

    • Feeling “stuck” in your work, not moving forward, or perhaps even falling behind?

    • Wondering how to operate your business so that it is successful without being a constant drain to your personal time and energy?

Through working together, you will:

    • Achieve the ideal vision for your business as you develop and incorporate strategies that keep you focused, inspired, and on-purpose.
    • Experience consistent growth and increasing profits through clearly identified action steps, tailored to your individual strengths.
    • Receive inspiring guidance from a successful business owner and certified coach who is dedicated to your professional and personal fulfillment.

What clients have to say:

“Connie is an amazing coach, mentor, and business strategist. She helped me bring all my puzzle pieces under a solid umbrella and guided me into creating the perfect concept for my business in full alignment with my unique mission and skill set. In addition, Connie taught me the nuts and bolts of networking and marketing, something I had avoided in the past. Stepping out of my comfort zone and connecting with others has opened so many doors and my business flourishes and grows as I proudly take my services out into the world backed up by a solid business plan and a streamlined step-by-step concept. I cannot thank Connie enough for her steady support and brilliant business skills that made all the difference for my holistic healing practice. I highly recommend working with her. You will see amazing results!”

Andrea Winzer, Owner of Thrive Integrative Care Solutions 

“Connie is an outstanding Coach. She has helped me bring my ideas come to fruition, create new ideas, holds me accountable, allows me to regularly vent, and helps me to realize my wins and areas I need to improve. My entrepreneurial mind has never worked better. With Connie as your coach, she is incredibly extensive and she touches on all areas. Plus, you aren’t just talking one time per month, but having multiple meetings, multiple check ins, and she is always available to discuss thoughts, ideas, or concerns. She goes above and beyond and you can tell she loves what she does. She is a top notch business coach. You will not be disappointed. I am thankful for the partnership we have and how well we work together, which is a huge reason our GROW Buffalo Business group works so well. Thank you Connie!”

Mike Anderson, Business Insurance Agent, Witkin Scott Associates