Business Coaching

Are you a small business owner or executive:

    • Caught up in the day-to-day activities of your work with little time for “big picture” business development?


    • Feeling “stuck” in your work, not moving forward, or perhaps even falling behind?


    • Wondering how to operate your business so that it is successful without being a constant drain to your personal time and energy?

Through working together, you will:

    • Achieve the ideal vision for your business as you develop and incorporate strategies that keep you focused, inspired, and on-purpose.
    • Experience consistent growth and increasing profits through clearly identified action steps, tailored to your individual strengths.
    • Receive inspiring guidance from a successful business owner and certified coach who is dedicated to your professional and personal fulfillment.

What clients have to say:

Before I worked with Connie, I was uncertain about which path to follow. Once Connie helped me narrow my focus, our weekly conversations were more productive. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. As a result of her guidance and coaching skills, today I am more focused and determined to achieve my goals.”

~Heather Schlichting, Founder and President, Artz on the Move

“Connie is a great listener and is someone who genuinely encourages others. She sees the best in other people as she gets to know them. She cares deeply about others’ success and also challenges people in a positive, uplifting way. She is well organized and has a ton of knowledge in business planning, coaching, HR, and recognizing BS.

What sets Connie apart is her genuine care for others and the way she digs deep to get to know people – their strengths, talents, vulnerabilities, goals, fears, dreams, and what will drive them to accomplishment. She sees greatness in others when they do not. She believes people can rise higher when they don’t know it or see a way. Connie could help an auto repair shop owner or the general manager of a professional sports team or the CEO of a major corporation all the same. Why? Because she breaks it down to the individual level and gets to know people like others won’t.”

-Alex Theis, Business Executive and Creator of The Limitless Podcast

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