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1 Year/12 Weeks: Your 5 Step Best-Year-Yet Business Plan

Business owner – Executive – Team member

No matter what you do or what role you play, if you seek to reach new heights in your work, pulling together your annual business plan is critical.

One Day – Solitary Place

If you have not already, set aside one day completely devoted to your planning before year-end. Mark it on your calendar. Decide where your planning will take place and book it, if need be. Often people take themselves on mini-retreats to accomplish this. One year, I booked a quiet room with a desk in the Hamptons. Glorious view of the ocean and a great rate as it was off-season. Make this planning day inspiring.

5 Step Business Plan Outline

When you are settled in and ready to create your Best Year Yet Plan, follow this simple outline.

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FREE! and Low-cost Small Business Resources

Starting a business typically requires a significant investment of monetary resources. Creating your initial business plan does not have to!

Think I’m shooting myself in the foot here? Read through to the end and you will see when it IS appropriate to invest in a business coach for help with your planning.

Below, you will find listings of some of my favorite free and low-cost resources for small businesses to use both in their planning and for start-up support. Start exploring and you’ll be gob smacked by what great and in-depth information is available. 

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Is your business idea a good one?

I often speak with people who want to start a business but question whether their idea makes sense. Thank goodness they usually ask this early on before spending tremendous amounts of time and income on a business idea that might just end up not making sense – or income. Laxative Potato Chips anyone? 🤢

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December – National Write a Business Plan Month!

December – my favorite month!

·     The beauty of the start to winter

·     The joy of the holiday festivities

·     College basketball season getting into full swing. (Go UB Bulls! 🏀💙🤘)

·     Birthday celebrations (Mom, Husband, Godson, Mine!)

In my professional geekdom, however, the best part is that the entire month is devoted to my work as December is – National Write a Business Plan Month!

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3 Months, 2 Goals, 1 Checklist – 2019 Home Stretch!

We are down to the wire for 2019 and into 4th quarter. Feeling great about your business?

When 2019 began, hopefully, you made your strategic plan for the year. At the very least, you set some critical annual goals for yourself. Now – nine full months completed – how are you coming? 

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