Scattered to Streamlined

Appreciation is in the Air

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, you are probably going to see some extra cartoon hearts, flowers, and all kinds of sweet treats around this month. Some may even say LOVE  IS IN THE AIR. 

Think about how you feel when you are in love with, or even in admiration for, someone. The “warm fuzzies”, the unexpected smiles, a lift in your spirit… who doesn’t enjoy that? This sentiment of positive outcomes was one of the reasons authors Gary Chapman and Paul White applied the concepts of the five love languages (from their first book) to the workplace in The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. 

Why is appreciation in the workplace important?

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Attract Clients You LOVE Through Confident Conversations (Part 3 of 3)

It’s the new year and you are ready to focus on working with clients you LOVE! But just how do you do that? What’s the key to attracting clients who are the perfect fit? You want clients who are ready to jump in and get the help they (often desperately) need from you, and who you will genuinely enjoy working with.

I use a streamlined three step process to achieve my goal of attracting, and ultimately working with, clients I love. 

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Every year as we transition from one year to the next, I look forward to taking quiet time to prepare my soul for the new year.

This ritual fills me with comfort, inspiration and a deep feeling of relief for releasing what no longer serves me and welcoming in what does.

As we wind down both the month and 2022, I would like to share this ritual with you.


Attract Clients You LOVE Through Effective Invitations to Conversation (Part 2 of 3)

What’s the key to attracting clients who are the perfect fit? I use a three step process to achieve my goal of attracting, and ultimately working with, clients I LOVE. 

Step One: Create and maintain an energetic prospect/outreach list

In my last blog post I discussed step one: creating and maintaining an energetic prospect/outreach list. I encourage you to read that post HERE to get up to speed.

To sum it up: I shared about creating that list of all of the people who you’d like to bring into your business world.

  • Past clients who already appreciate you and your work
  • Past prospects you enjoyed talking with but the timing wasn’t right at the time 
  • People you know you’d love to work with
  • People who already work with your ideal clients, with whom you can develop a relationship and may refer business to you. 
  • Groups you could research, explore, and join to find potential clients you love. 

Step Two: Inviting the RIGHT people in to have effective conversations.

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Attract Clients You LOVE Through a Powerful Outreach List (Part 1 of 3)

By the end of my coaching calls, usually both my client and I have big smiles on our faces. 🌟 Successes celebrated! Challenges addressed! Game plans created! 🌟

I know I am fortunate. I look forward to every meeting or call and enjoy these interactions with clients who often have become good friends. 

It hasn’t always been sunshine, unicorns and roses. I have had clients in the past who were difficult to work with – who weren’t prepared or weren’t committed enough to do the work that was necessary to grow their businesses. 

Over the years, I’ve gotten much better at recognizing who will be a good fit and bring me joy. I like to think I do the same for them. 

What’s the key to attracting clients who are the perfect fit? 

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Processes And Systems That Can Help Your Business

The past few days I’ve spent time with clients, planned out my next masterclasses (more on that later), sorted through heaps of emails, worked on sales strategy, and much more.  As a business owner, I often must wear many hats. It’s undoubtedly one of my favorite parts of my job, but it’s also one of the most difficult parts.

Often when starting out, you believe you can or need to do everything yourself. That all the details in your business can be kept track of in your head. While some may be able to, often it’s a humbling experience when you realize you can’t. This is why business processes and systems are so important. They allows us to eliminate workplace inefficiencies, save time and energy, and even make it easier to train others on your team.

There are a few key areas that I recommend starting with: accounting, task/project management, and customer relationship management.

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Time to Untwist Your Marketing!

You know STREAMLINING is my mantra!

You are already a busy business owner. You often don’t have the time for trial and error, getting caught up going round in circles trying to figure out what marketing efforts work best.

Staying up late pouring over your analytics wondering why your numbers aren’t where they need to be is no fun.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to switch up your brand voice or offerings every few weeks because nothing resonates.

I may never get these dogs untangled 😄 but I can help you streamline your marketing if you follow a few proven steps.

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🌟Would You Say You Are Successful?🌟

Success means different things to different people. Some might put a monetary value on success. Others a lifestyle change. For me, it was having a beautiful location from which to work. One that inspires both my clients and me. I’m here, loving it and my business pays for it. (That’s my office and one of my planning retreat spaces in the photo.)

What does success look like for you? Once you have that picture in your mind, how do you go about obtaining it?

I’ve got some success tips/habits to share with you.

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Successful Reset for Business Owners

When it comes to owning a business, things are always changing. Sometimes, markets take a completely different turn than anticipated. Other times you may find yourself feeling overrun, burnt out, or stagnant. Whatever the situation, business owners will have to be adaptable and consider taking a proper reset period multiple times through the lifecycle of their business.

For me, my most recent reset was a bit forced. I was getting knee surgery and I knew that my business life would look a bit different as I healed. Though a reset might sound scary, I’ve found that when life forces you to slow down, sometimes it’s even more important than you realize. Below are my tips for experiencing a successful business reset that will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on the challenges that come with your business:

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Implementing Systems Saves Cats

The other day there were a bunch of nasty geese in our yard. (after being attacked by three geese decades ago, I have no love for these flying, pooping beasts 😝) I let our crazy dog, Dylan, out the door to chase them away. What I hadn’t noticed were the neighbor’s cats hanging out next to their house. Yep – Dylan ignored the geese and instead made a beeline for the cats. The cats ran into their house and Dylan followed, running up on the neighbor’s porch and trying to get in through the luckily-smaller-than-an-80-pound-dog cat door. Eeks! I hurried over there myself to find his butt hanging out that door and yanked him back to me. Great way to ingratiate ourselves to our relatively new neighbors, eh?

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