Scattered to Streamlined equips small business owners with the skills, mindset, and streamlining strategies necessary to thrive in the dynamic and competitive business landscape, enabling them to actualize their dreams and achieve lasting success.

Meet Connie Whitesell, MBA, PCC

Business Strategist and Coach

My professional calling is to help small business owners take those brilliant, but often scattered, business development ideas and streamline them into plans, systems, and habits that create both immediate and long-term success.

As a collaborative business strategist and coach, I love empowering my clients to excel in their business by:

  • Delivering a simple framework for business and strategic planning activities that provides a profit-focused roadmap to prosperity
  • Unleashing the power of streamlined systems and work habits for unstoppable growth
  • Fueling motivation and fostering accountability to turn aspirations into revenue generating results
  • Conquering challenges and self-sabotage through targeted strategies

With nearly two decades of experience co-founding and managing a successful management consulting firm, as well as running a thriving business coaching practice since 2011, I have had the privilege of working with a diverse range of business owners, executives, and leaders in a variety of fields, including: business consulting, financial planning services, website design, information technology, human resources, government, and not-for-profit organizations.

No matter the industry, my mission has been to empower business owners with the knowledge, skills, and simplified actions to help their businesses thrive.

Connie Listening

“Worth every penny!” “Connie really did streamline me!” “Exceptional level of support.” “Connie helped me reach my best year ever.”

– What Clients Are Saying

Let’s Get Better Acquainted!

I am a Midwest native, having grown up, married, and established my businesses in Chicago, Illinois. In recent years, my college basketball-coaching husband, Jim, multiple crazy mutts, and I have lived in the fabulous cities of St. Louis, New York City, Buffalo, and finally Albany, New York, where we enjoy supporting the UAlbany Great Danes!

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Business School, I learned firsthand the value of networking in all areas of life. I gained practical experience in the corporate world before I pursued an MBA at Lewis University, sharpening my communication, facilitation, and financial skills. Additionally, I completed an intensive coach training program with the International Coach Academy, honing my strengths-based approach and strategic business planning expertise. These experiences have equipped me to guide clients towards profound and impactful results.

Non-Profit Co-Founder

One of my most fulfilling projects has been co-founding G.R.O.W. Buffalo Business, a non-profit business resource organization. Our mission is to help the local small business community excel through networking, education, and community-building. Learn more about G.R.O.W. Buffalo Business HERE.

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

I help networking and association groups, as well as private and non-profit organizations gain clarity and develop specific plans for reaching their business goals through workshops and presentations. I’ve had the pleasure of presenting to the National Association of Women Business Owners, American Business Women’s Association, and SCORE, among others.

My workshop topics include: business planning, time and personal management, marketing strategies, and developing effective systems and processes. I’m always honored to share with new groups. Contact me if you have an upcoming event seeking my expertise.

Grow Buffalo Business

Special Interests

When I’m not streamlining businesses for success you’ll find me pursuing these special interests.

Dog Rescue Advocate

As a current Board member, former Volunteer Coordinator, and three-time “Foster Failer” (a foster who fell in love and couldn’t give the dog up for adoption), I am grateful to help support the best dog rescue group in Western New York, Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue. Each year, we place hundreds of abandoned dogs of all ages and breeds in their perfect loving homes. Here are three Buddy’s dogs who made their way into our hearts and home.

Hiking Enthusiast

The Western and Upstate NY areas are brimming with natural beauty, and what better way to relish it than with fellow nature enthusiasts! Back in 2015, I kickstarted a Buffalo hiking group that quickly blossomed into a vibrant community of hundreds of members. In the fall of 2018, our group merged with the Footprints in the Wilderness Meetup and continues to enjoy great hiking and nature trails.


I’m always game for new experiences and thrilling adventures. Maybe that’s why I have an absolute blast working with fellow “adventurers” in the world of business.

These values shape my actions, decisions, and interactions as I strive to make a positive impact on the growth journey of solo business owners.

Authenticity: I believe every person should be their true self, fostering genuine connections and relationships.

Curiosity: I embrace a mindset of continuous learning and exploration, seeking new ideas and perspectives to drive innovation and growth.

Learning: I value the power of knowledge and personal development, promoting a culture of ongoing learning and improvement for myself and my clients.

Success: I am dedicated to helping my clients thrive in their businesses, achieving sustainable and meaningful success.

Are you ready to discover an actionable plan that breaks through your revenue plateaus, increases your profits, and streamlines your business so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy?