Scattered to Streamlined

Connie Whitesell

Business strategist and a coach:

My work is all about helping small and want-to-be business owners take those brilliant, but often scattered, business development ideas and streamline them into plans, systems, and habits that create immediate and long-term success.

I am a business strategist and coach who loves helping my clients excel at their business endeavors by:

  • Making business and strategic planning activities a top priority.
  • Incorporating effective systems and work habits into day-to-day business activities.
  • Providing motivation and accountability to create action in alignment with professional goals and planning objectives.
  • Identifying and determining methods of overcoming challenges and areas of self-sabotage.

Having co-founded and run a management consulting firm for eighteen years and a business coaching practice since 2011, I have worked with business owners, executives, and managers in a variety of fields and industries, including: business consulting, drug and alcohol testing, public transit, not-for-profit crisis care for children and group living support for adults, financial planning services, website design, information technology, and human resources.

Regardless of the industry, core business development skills remain the same. It is my passion to convey those skills and help others excel in their careers and business endeavors.

Keynote speaker:

Through my keynote talks, workshops, and planning facilitation work, I have helped organizations and individuals gain clarity on their mission, vision, and dreams and develop specific plans for reaching these objectives. I have particularly enjoyed the multiple opportunities to present with the Final Four/National Association of Basketball Coaches Spouse Program at various locations across the U.S.

As a 2013 graduate of The Canfield Training Group’s year-long Train the Trainer Program, I also enjoy bringing Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and proven transformational training methods to audiences across the country.


I started my journey into the business world at the University of Wisconsin, Madison’s Business School program. My experience at Wisconsin not only taught me the basics of business planning and administration, but also helped me realize the impact of networking in all life and work experiences. 

There is nothing like obtaining an advanced degree as an adult having worked in the “real” world for several years beforehand. With Lewis University‘s phenomenal MBA program, I honed my written communication and public speaking/workshop skills. I learned the ins and outs of financial planning and reporting, the importance of industry and competitive research in developing business plans, and focused on what makes managers true leaders.

My experience in going through and completing the rigorous one and 1/2 year coach training program with the International Coach Academy prepared me well for my work as a business coach. I learned the importance of focusing on my clients’ strengths and drawing from them the best methods for achieving successful results. I fine-tuned my business planning skills through this program, strategizing my own way to success in doing work I love and that impacts my clients profoundly.

On a personal level:

I am a Midwest native, having grown up, married, and established my businesses in Chicago, Illinois. In recent years, I have accompanied my college basketball-coaching husband, Jim, and two crazy mutts, Dylan and Minnie, to live in the fabulous cities of St. Louis, New York City, and finally Buffalo, New York, where we have now put down roots and attend LOTS of University at Buffalo men’s basketball games. Go Bulls!

Dog Rescue

As a Volunteer Coordinator and Board member, I am grateful to help support the best dog rescue group in Western New York, Buddy’s Second Chance Rescue. Each year, we place hundreds of abandoned dogs of all ages and breeds in their perfect loving homes. Here are two Buddy’s dogs who made their way into our hearts and home.


There is much natural beauty here in Buffalo area (shhhh, we’re a well kept secret) and what better way to enjoy it than with other nature enthusiasts! When we first moved here in 2015, I started a hiking group that grew to hundreds of  members strong. In the fall of 2018, our group merged with the Footprints in the Wilderness Meetup and we continue to enjoy great hiking throughout Western New York!

Professional Development Book Club

There are so many brilliant authors writing powerful books on professional development that it can be difficult to keep up. In an effort to do so and discuss these great books with others, I founded the Buffalo Professional Development Book Club   We read and discuss one new book each month with the intention that members come away feeling even more empowered, motivated, and knowledgeable about business, career, and/or professional development subjects.


I am always up for new experiences and adventures. Maybe that’s why I have so much fun working with other “adventurers” in business.

Let’s join together in making your next business adventure a rousing success!

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