December – National Write a Business Plan Month!

December – my favorite month!

·     The beauty of the start to winter

·     The joy of the holiday festivities

·     College basketball season getting into full swing. (Go UB Bulls! 🏀💙🤘)

·     Birthday celebrations (Mom, Husband, Godson, Mine!)

In my professional geekdom, however, the best part is that the entire month is devoted to my work as December is – National Write a Business Plan Month!

In honor of this designation, all month long, I will be providing guidance for writing your own business plan. Through blog posts, podcast episodes, and social media tips/ recommendations, you will learn:

·     How to validate a new business idea

·     Key elements of a business plan

·     Where to find free and low cost resources for creating your plan

·     When a “done-for-you” plan makes more sense

·     How to plan for the growth of an existing business

·     The importance of keeping your plan top of mind

·     Critical support elements for bringing your business plan to fruition

Keep a lookout here if you are ready to start your business from a strong foundation OR you already own a business and want to significantly grow it in 2020.

If you know of someone who is excited about their business idea or growing their existing business and could use this help, please share this information and ask your friends/associates to subscribe to my website and/or like my Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching Facebook page. 

Let’s celebrate National Write a Business Plan Month together and create something great in 2020!

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