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Right Biz for You Series (Part 1)

Welcome to the Small Biz 101 Podcast!

This first episode kicks off the podcast and the first part of my ‘Right Biz for You’ series.

Why this is the perfect time to start a small business!

We are seeing entrepreneurialism and small business development like never before. More and more people are abiding by the adage: “I’d rather work 80 hours for myself than 40 hours for someone else”.

With new technologies, changes in the employment environment, new opportunities to create businesses without a tremendous amount of financing needed, and many many more reasons, the timing is perfect for starting up your own new business.

Podcast Introduction

Podcast Purpose and Host

As a business coach, I work every day helping small business owners get up and running. I work with existing business owners, helping them create more success and profitability in their work. Up until now, I have only shared my business creation and growth expertise with my clients one-on-one. I am using this podcast to share my work, so that others may benefit and create or grow the businesses of their dreams.

Also, I have been a small business owner myself since 2000, when I started up my first business, PW Associates, Inc., as a Human Resources consultant. I continue to do that work today while also having expanded into a business planning and coaching practice in 2011 – Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching.

I understand what it’s like to start up and grow a small business. I have faced many of the same challenges you may be experiencing. I’ve had the same questions. I’ve learned, through practical experience along the way, what works and what doesn’t. That, combined with my work with supporting multitudes of other small business owners, allows me to help you – both from a consultative/coaching perspective as well as an experiential one of having been there, right where you are now.

Guest Interviews

You won’t just be hearing from me. While some of these podcasts will be topic based and led by me, you will also hear interviews with other experts to help you along the way and with other small business owners who will be sharing their stories and experiences with us.

Share Your Experiences, Questions, Challenges, and Successes

As we go through these topics, please share your ideas, your concerns, where you may be hung up in the business creation or growth process. You may reach me through the Contact page or leave a comment under this post. I will address your questions, help you with what you may be struggling with, and also share your small business success stories with our audience through this podcast.

Don’t be shy. Contact me any time and let’s make this podcast work for you!

The Right Biz For You Series

In my work, I often hear “I want to work for myself but I just don’t know what type of business to start.” With that in mind, I thought – what better way to start a podcast about developing a small business than to talk about how to figure out what type of business is right for you. This is the first of a multi-part series that addresses just that question.

I use this system with my business and career coaching clients and we always begin with a self-assessment. You MUST know yourself well before you should even consider the type of business that will bring genuine fulfillment to your life.

From there, in upcoming episodes of the Right Biz For You Series, I will share with you my step-by-step process for discovering your ideal small business, including:

  • Different Types of Business Styles
  • Sources of Ideas for Businesses
  • Small Business Cautions
  • Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur
  • How to determine if your business idea will be successful
  • How to figure out how much you can expect your business idea to cost as you start things up.
  • And much more

In between these topic shows, you will hear interviews with experts and other small business owners who will provide their expert knowledge and experiences.

Part 1 – Self Assessment: You and Your Business!

In this episode, we take a deep dive into your:

  • Skills and Knowledge
  • Strengths
  • Passions and Curiosities
  • Your Vision for Success

Skills and Knowledge

My friend and mentor, Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work, talks about how all of the roles we’ve held throughout our lives – no matter how seemingly low-level or miniscule – combine to become what she calls our “Body of Work”. Take a moment and think about your first job. What did you learn from it?

For example, I was a cashier at the Jewel grocery store for my first job at 15 years old. What did I learn from that job?

  • Customer service – How to deal well with people, sometimes during times of stress or impatience.
  • Problem solver – Resolving pricing issues. Helping people find an obscure food product. Dealing with first generation grocery scanners.
  • How to operate a register.

You can do this with each job you’ve ever had. Not just jobs. Consider other roles you’ve held – mother, brother, volunteer – in any role, you’ve learned valuable things and lessons.

Your Turn:

Consider all of the roles and jobs you ‘ve held, going back as far as you can remember. From each of these, think about the skills you’ve developed and knowledge you’ve gained. Consider also which of these skills and knowledge you most wish to carry forward into your new business. This will begin the process of helping you figure out what type of business is right for you.


These may be inherent strengths or may be those developed over time. Some examples might be: patience, creativity, perseverance, leadership abilities, appreciation of others, how to work well with others in a team, analytical abilities.

Your Turn:

As you did in the previous exercise, take some time to think about your own strengths. Which ones jump out at you? Some will be immediately obvious. Also, think about a difficult situation or pain that you overcame. What strengths helped get you through those experiences?

Contact three trusted friends, colleagues or clients and ask them what they consider to be your biggest strengths.

There also are some terrific online tools for determining your strengths:


What do you love to do that leaves you feeling inspired and on top of the world. Creating a new business should involve doing something that lights you up so you look forward to going to work every day.

Follow Your Curiosity

If you struggle with coming up with your passion(s) or are concerned that your passion is not one that easily converts into a business, that’s OK.

Try something different. Do what Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book, Big Magic, and follow your curiosity. What do you find yourself curious about lately? What sounds interesting to do more research in that may lead you to a business idea?

Vision for Work Success

Each person has his or her own definition of success. What does your vision of success look like for you?

Questions to consider:

  • Who are you working with? What is your ideal client like?
  • Where are you working? In an office, out of your home, primarily traveling to clients, or a combination of these?
  • What are the services and/or products that you most enjoy developing and providing and that your clients are most welcome to receiving?
  • How are you letting potential clients know about all of the wonderful services and/or products you have to offer? Are you speaking to people directly––in person, by phone, or group settings, such as educational events? Are you connecting more with people electronically, through email, social media, teleclasses? Feel yourself making those connections in an authentic and effective way.
  • How are people working in your business interacting with each other in your ideal vision?
  • What does your ideal workweek look like? How about your ideal workday?
  • What is your ideal monthly or annual income?
  • How are you expressing your unique gifts in your work?
  • What else do you think about when you envision your ideal business experience?

Now revel in this vision. See yourself living it. Enjoy the experience as if you already have achieved it!

The Right Business for You

 As you think of your: skills and knowledge; strengths; passions and curiosities; and vision for success, and consider what you would like to carry forward into your work, you may begin seeing what types of businesses fit with these elements. Record what ideas come to you.

Are you starting to get excited?!

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