Free & Low-cost Resources for Starting Your Small Business – SB012

Free and Low-cost Small Biz Resources



Business specific:

  • Associations
  • Mentors

Task specific:

  • Market research: Small Biz 101 Podcast Episode 9: Research, Research, Research
  • Marketing
    • Online marketing guides and courses
    • American Marketing Association
  • Any business topic: Online guides and courses
  • YouTube
  • Dummies Books!

When a Business Coach Makes Sense

Where a business coach or consultant comes into play is when you’ve exhausted these resources and still need:

  • Advice personalized to your business
  • Someone with whom you can discuss ideas and narrow down choices
  • Someone to help pull together the plan for you, finalizing the details and developing the action steps
  • Someone to hold you accountable and celebrate the successes!


Select one or two of the resources to explore. Get started today!

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Interview with Letasha Montgomery, Buffalo-Niagara Chapter Administrator for SCORE

Free eBook: Passion to Prosperity: Finding Your Ideal Side Business

If you would like more information about how to find your ideal small business, please help yourself to a free copy of my eBook: “Passion to Prosperity: Finding Your Ideal Side Business”. Although it was written with side businesses in mind, the process for determining your own small business is very much the same.

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