From College Basketball Coaching to Financial Advising – SB008

Right Biz for You Series (Part 7)

Can you imagine how scary it might be to transition from a long career in athletics to one in a completely different industry about which you knew very little? Well, today’s guest, Jeff Olinger, did it and did it well! Within a short period of time Jeff reached the top 10% level of his new organization, opened his own office, and currently is expanding his business.

I am excited to present to you this interview in which Jeff tells us how he took the valuable experiences and skills he learned as a college basketball coach and transferred many of them effectively into the financial industry. While his is a story of transitioning from athletics to business, what we discuss applies to anyone moving from one industry to another.

In this interview, you will hear practical applications of the fundamentals included in earlier episodes of this Right Biz for You Series, as well as tips and resources for continuing to grow a business once established.

Jeff shares with us his stories about the importance of:

  • Communication and connection with others – in all stages of business development, from researching a new industry to starting up a new field, to increasing success within that field
  • Mentorship
  • Putting vision, goals, and objectives to paper
  • Dreaming BIG!
  • Surrounding oneself with good people


For more information about Jeff Olinger and his inspiring work, please visit:

Jeff Olinger
Thrivent Financial



Coming Up:

I will be continuing the series on finding your ideal small business idea. I’ll be discussing how to determine the viability of your business idea. Does it have legs? We will review current methods for researching your proposed industry, business, and competitors.

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