From Basketball Coach to Leadership Coach – SB004

Right Biz for You Series (Part 4)

ed-profile-picIn today’s interview with Executive Coach and Leadership Development Trainer, Ed Molitor, we hear practical applications of the fundamentals included in Part 1 (Self Assessment) and Part 3 (Generating Business Ideas) of the  Right Biz for You Series.

We will learn how this former college basketball coach, mortgage banker, public speaker, and military corporate recruiting expert took the valuable experiences and skills he learned from these positions to ultimately start his dream business where he is living his “Why” every day. 

Ed provides valuable information about how he was able to successfully create his first leadership development training event filled with members of his target audience. 

He discusses how surprised he was at where his initial business came from, as well as how challenging it was to discover people he thought he could count on turning out not to be quite so welcoming. 

We will learn about the importance of living by your Eulogy Virtues and not your Resume Virtues.

Ed explains how he has incorporated his professional and personal Vision for Success into his work and how his wife, Nancy, is an integral part of his success. These two certainly are inspiring role models for their two young children.

For more information about Ed Molitor and his inspiring work, please visit:

Ed Molitor
The Molitor Group, LLC

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2 thoughts on “From Basketball Coach to Leadership Coach – SB004

  1. Quite an interesting move from a former coach

    also listened again to your interview with Lisa

    You have the best voice

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